School of Performing Arts

University of Ghana

Fabiola Mamle Opare-Darko

Fabiola Mamle Opare-Darko was educated at Accra Girls Secondary School from 1979-1985 and continued to train at Leo Fashion School, majoring in bridal wear. (1985-1989). She started a school where she taught young men and women the skill of dress making, modeling and bead Thread Design. She eventually entered the school of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon (2004-2007).
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies and an MFA in theatre studies (Costume Design.
Fabiola is currently at the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana , Legon and Lectures in Costume Design and Makeup and Introduction to the theatre. She is the academic advisor for level 200.
Her research interests are:

  1. Adapting theatre costumes of Africa (eg.Egungun masquerades of Nigeria, Dipo Costumes of Ghana, Traditional Dance costumes, etc) for the contemporary stage.
  2. Costumes of Ghanaian Masquerades.
  3. To find a theory for "African costume"

Fabiola loves animals and has fifteen cats and three dogs. She also loves going for long quite walks along the beach