Music Department


The Department of Music offers a wide range of academic and practical courses in the following programs: Ph.D (3 year full time & 5 year part-time), M. Phil. (a two-year program with focus on Ethnomusicology, Music Theory & Composition, Performance and Music Technology), M.A.(a one-year research oriented program in Ethnomusicology and Organology), B.A./B.Mus., BFA as well as a two-year Diploma in General Music.


Courses in Music of Africa (Theory and Practicals) especially Ghanaian/African Popular Music, Musical Cultures of the World and Music in African Cultures, and practicals in Ghanaian Drums, Xylophone and African Ensemble continue to attract an increasing number of international students under the University of Ghana linkage programs.


The Department continues to improve the quality of instruction in both academic and practical courses. To do this effectively the Department recently opened a Piano Laboratory fitted with sixteen digital pianos to seat sixteen students at a time. While this is an improvement there is the need to increase this to about thirty (30) digital pianos, with the increase in number of students reading Music. Through the Ghana Cultural Fund of the Danish Embassy in Accra and the University Administration the Department now has a large collection of Ghanaian/African instruments (drums, xylophones, atenteben) for practical instruction and for ensembles.


There are now eight (8) MacIntosh computers in the Computer lab for the teaching of Music Studio and Digital Recording.