Early Career Researcher Development Week


The School of Performing Arts has held an Early Career Researcher Development Week from 5th September to 10th September, 2016 at the Afua Sutherland Drama Studio. It was facilitated by Professor Kofi Agyekum, Acting Dean of the School and Mrs. Bernardine Bediako-Poku, the School Administrator.

The School of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana and the School of Education, University of Glasgow marked the opening ceremony of a weeklong Early Career Researchers Development Symposium. The symposium was organized under the topic ‘Performing Languages and Languaging Performance’. This event took place from the 5th to the 10th of September, 2016.

The Opening Ceremony was steered by Dr. Kwashie Kuwor who gave a brief history on last year’s event. This was followed by a welcome and inaugural speech by Prof. Kofi Agyekum, his words of wisdom, especially drawn from his own personal life were inspiring and it set the tone for the day. He took the opportunity to welcome his colleagues from the University of Glasgow, UK. He stated that the workshop was going to run for three years and that this was the second year.


Acting Dean, Prof. Kofi Agyekum giving his welcome address.

Professor Alison Phipps, the principal investigator and head of the research team of the University of Glasgow spoke on the relevance of Arts; using poetry to describe in details the purpose and merits of this year’s workshop to both parties. Prof. Alison Phipps took the opportunity to introduce her colleagues by giving them the opportunity to introduce themselves in their mother tongues and translate them for the audience. Mr. Gameli Tordzro, the artistic director of Pan African Arts Scotland spoke on the relevance of the workshop and refreshed the minds of the audience with some sweet soothing master class poems.

A performance by The Association of Students of Performing Arts got the audience tapping their feet to the tunes as they danced. The performance included ‘Adowa’ dance and a song to compliment the dance. Ayuba Huud, a student of the School of Performing Arts performed a poetry master piece.

From left to right, Prof. Alison Phipps, introducing her team comprising Ms. Katja Frimberger, Ms. Melissa Chaplin, Mr. Julien Danero Iglesias, Ms. Maria Grazia Imperiale, Ms. Mariam Attia and Mr. Gameli Tordzro.