About Conference

The School of Performing Arts Conference is the annual gathering of the Performing Arts Senior Fellows, Lectures, Studnets and partner organizations. The 2017 International Conference will explore Interdesciplinarity in the Arts, Academy and Industry.

Making connections across disciplines and between disciplines has become necessary in the 21st century; a period marked by constant accelerated development in the midst of human movement and cultural interactions. The benefits of interdisciplinarity, as an approach towards problem solving in research and development are enormous. Not only does interdisciplinarity offer more depth and breadth in understanding the problem, it also provides opportunities for exciting new discoveries.

The conference also attaches importance to student participation by creating a specific student forum. The aim is to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and improve communication with particular reference to industry. Research shows that employers are seeking potential employees with interdisciplinary skills.

This opportunity to think critically, laterally and creatively will aid in working towards  finding more comprehensive solutions to the challenges we face.

We therefore encourage students to submit proposals/papers based on completed works or works in progress that engage with the interdisciplinary approach. Student authors may submit to the main conference or to the student forum. Proposals/papers with multiple student/lecturer authors are also welcome.


Venue: Efua Sutherland Dramma Studio

Date: April 6 - 8, 2017

Time: 7:30 am