Drama Studio



The E.T. S. Drama Studio was designed for research, workshops and performances by the three main academic disciplines of the School:  Music, Dance Studies and Theatre Arts Departments and other organizations within the University and outside it.  The architecture was modeled to incorporate Western and African Arts.  It is a multifunctional studio, where one can have a Proscenium Stage.  The Arena or the Theatre in the Round, which is more recognized and used in the African story telling context where the audience is part of the performance.  The exterior design has a stool at the front of the Studio symbolizing a welcome which means (Akwaaba) in Akan language- a local dialect.  Another feature which makes the Studio one of a kind in Ghana is its open air auditorium.

The Studio is managed by Manager as the Head of Administration. He /she takes management decisions in consultation with the Director and are assisted by the Assistant Registrar of the School of Performing Arts on issues concerning the studio’s development and challenges. Mostly the position is given to lecturers in the performing arts discipline. The next in command is the Studio Administrative Assistant. The administrator is responsible for the day to day running of the studio.  All enquiries and application letters are sent to the administrative office. Another Unit within the drama studio worth mentioning is the Costume Unit. The School has two different costume units. One serves the Music, Theatre Arts and Dance Studies Departments and the other serves the resident Theatre Group- Abibigoromma. Currently, these units have two active seamstresses who design the costumes for use during productions.



In terms of capacity, the Studio seats a maximum of four hundred people.



It is suitable for music, drama and dance performances and workshops amongst others.



Sound and lighting booth come with a mixer and dimmer board for sound and stage lighting respectively.  A scenic design room, male and female changing and rest rooms, costume rooms, snack bar, and a ticket office.




To use the Studio facilities for performances of any kind comes with varying degrees of payment which is as follows:

1.      The basic rate for renting the drama studio is currently GH¢300.00 per day. This includes access to the following facilities: theatrical space, sound and lighting booth, male and female changing rooms, box office and studio seats. It is however subject to change.


2.      The following facilities are also available for rent:   

·         Stage light flats for set; and

·         Costumes and sound design.

Rates for rental are negotiable and subject to one’s production needs.